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Thanks for stopping by Mike’s Brew Review, where drinking and talking beers and homebrew is what we do. It is pretty laid back here and it is really all about create a tree house club like atmosphere where we can all share our beer experiences with each other as friends and equals.

Mike’s Brew Review is comprised of loyal blog followers, twitter followers, Facebook fans and news letter subscribers. If you’d like to know the numbers, message me and I’ll give them to you. Needless to say, anything we do here gets around a little bit. So if you are interested in being a part of the mayhem, take a look at some of the opportunities Mike’s Brew Review offers and let me know if your interested in any of them.

Guest Post Blogging

If you have a brewing or beer related blog I would love to talk to you about some strategies for guest posting either on your blog or on mine. I’m sure we can create a great partnership to get even more good information out there to the public about this wonderful hobby.

Brew Kit Reviews

I get questions all the time about the kits that I’ve tried. People are always wondering if I’d change the recipe or if it was any good and so forth. When I brew a kit I usually go through what I did and any aspects of it that stood out to me. But its the videos that make their way to Youtube, Vimeo and the blog itself that seem get people’s attention. If only they could taste it… Anyway, if your company has a kit or two they can spare to send me. I’d love to brew it up and feature it on Mike’s Brew Review. Currently I can only do extracts and partial mashes. I haven’t taken the All-Grain leap just yet.

Brew Reviews

I’ve found that the best way to learn is to have a great teacher and being surrounded, in Portland, by¬† 1000′s of different beers gives me a great base to learn from. I find that with each beer I drink I learn something new about marketing, flavor, process and so on. One day, I hope to take this knowledge to the next level, but for now, I enjoy tasting and discussing these fantastic brews with my friends on Mike’s Brew Review. If you’d like to get your beer out there a little bit more, shoot me a message and we can work something out. I’ve had beers before that I would have never bought, loved them, and now myself and a few others from MBR are drinking that beer on some sort of consistent basis.

Homebrewing Product Reviews

Homebrewing is one of the main reasons I started Mike’s Brew Review. I had a piece meal kit that just so happened to have every thing in it. I’m always looking for new products to make my life easier though and to share with every one on MBR. I’d love to give your products a whirl. So if your interested in getting some honest, 3rd party consumer feedback, hit me up. This includes books as well. I love reading!

Magazine Writing

I do a lot of magazine layout at work and I’ve always had an interest in writing for magazines. If you like my writing style, please contact me to discuss how we can team up to create some great content for print or web. I can cover events to, well for the price of admission and a couple beers :)

If there is something I missed that you think I’d be able to assist you in, please feel free to contact me and we’ll work something out.

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