Brew Review Episode 4 – Troy’s Imperial Stout Hombrew

Posted on February 3, 2010 by

Today’s brew review is a special one. We are going to talk a little bit about homebrewing by reviewing one of my homebrewing friends Imperial Stouts that he brewed up before Christmas. Troy’s homebrew is created with an all grain process, meaning he doesn’t use any extracts. The process is pretty cool and takes a bit longer, but the beers I’ve tasted of his are pretty much spectacular. His homebrewed Imperial Stout inspires me to eventually move onto an all grain process and I hope it inspires you to give homebrewing a try. Remember, you can always contact me for help. Whether its a recipe suggestion or just figuring out what you need for getting started brewing my own beer. I can help.

If you interested in Troy’s recipe here is where he got his
All Grain Imperial Stout Kit
Extract with Grains Imperial Stout Kit
You can also check out his process over on his blog as well.

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  • Dan Nisbet

    Troy rocked this brew. I still have one bottle left in my fridge and I keep hoping that it would multiply into more bottles. Unfortunately no luck yet.

    But I really love the thick, coffee/chocolate taste it has. It’s like nothing I’ve ever had before but it’s freaking sweet.

  • Dan Nisbet

    Oh, I need to add (regarding the last statement in your vid)…

    That’s what she said ;)

  • mike

    I really enjoy it because of all the things you’ve listed, but I really like the apparent alcohol flavor that is involved with those Imperial Stouts. Delicious!

  • Dave Martinson

    Hey Mike. I found your blog. Nice site. Good look. Jay texted me today and said his batch is starting to bubble. I guess we didn’t ruin it for him when we chilled it for him and pitched the yeast. I’ll have to check mine when I get home from work. Cheers!

  • mike

    Right on. Mine took a little extra time, but it started up about 24 hours after pitching. I have it sitting in my 52 degree room for the first stage of lagering. I’m curious what this is going to taste like.

    Thanks for stopping by and for the comments! I appreciate it!

  • Dave Martinson

    I have bubbles too. I have it sitting downstairs in my laundry room. I was reading a piece by the Rogue brewer where he says he ferments the PacMan yeast at about 60 degrees and never warmer than 70. It should be about right down there.

  • Dave Martinson

    Beer Software. I use software called “Beer Tools Pro”. You can see a demo and buy it at: $30 to purchase. Lot’s of recipes onsite that can be downloaded onto your computer if you buy the tool.

  • Jay

    My Yeast Experiment is off to a good start: Same Wort, 2 different Yeasts 1) American Ale and 2) American Ale II. Although both similar, I’m looking to see what differences (even if subtle) exist between strains given the contstant of the wort and other conditions.

  • mike

    Its a great experiment. I’m looking forward to it as well. Troy, another dude I brew with, did the same recipe as my Bourbon Barrel Porter only his was all grain and hopefully is putting his oak chips and whiskey in sooner. I can’t wait to taste them side by side.

  • David Schimmelpfennig

    Love Imperial Stouts – definitely jealous.

  • mike

    Thinking in a batch or two I may make an attempt at this recipe as well! We’ll see. Pretty high gravity beer.

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