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Since I started homebrewing I’ve been making a bi-monthly mecca down to Jay’s cabin to partake in a mad session of brewing with multiple brewers. This group of people is Traveling Wortburyone of the most interesting, entertaining, and just down right fun group to brew beer with. The group has been dubbed, “The Traveling Wortbury’s” there is even a t-shirt!

My wife and I headed down around 11 am and once we got into lakes country you could tell it was a special day all around. Today was the “Old Time Sled Race” day in the lakes area. Basically everyone rides their old snowmobiles around from lake to lake. It is kind of like an all day parade as sleds from the 1970′s were going by even after dark.

We reached Jays house and I could tell it was going to be a day of adventuring and experimenting. Everyone had new gear, new beer, and new recipes they were going to try. On the window was a list of all the beers on the brewing day list and a taste testing list comprised of 13 homebrews and craftbrews brought by everyone that came.

“Singing…Don’t Worry….about a thing…cuz every little things, gonna be alright”… Bob Marley was belting out in the background as Jay gives me a Red Stripe and informs that today we drink the Jamaican beer in honor of the deceased idol. So we drank.

Jay had his 20 gallon pot fired up and was brewing up a double batch, hoppy as hell, IPA. Marty was running to get some parts for his new pot and was brewing up another Rogue Nut Brown clone. (His first one was amazing) Laurie was steeping her grains, she was brewing up a London ESB, and I was wondering what the hell took us so long Beer Listto get there and I was doing a Czech Pils. I felt a little behind, but a cool sip of Red Stripe and a gentle Marley reminder quickly eased those thoughts away.

The smorgasbord of meat, cheese, dips, turkey, treats, you name it, we seemed to have it came out for us to gorge ourselves on. During the course of the day I think I ate 2 or 3 times and drank all but 1 of the 13 beers. I didn’t manage to get a taste of the Honker’s Ale, but I did manage a taste of this brew made with Sorgum instead of wheat, rye, oats, or barely. It was interesting, look for the upcoming review of it.

These are the days that I really look forward to. Homebrewing can be a really frustrating process because you spend so much time getting ready, brewing, and fermenting and if things don’t turn out the way you want them to, it seems like a let down. However, when you get a chance to spend time with friends, cooking and brewing, it feels very much like a cohesive family working together to take care of one another. The Traveling Wortbury’s love to eat, drink, and bullshit around telling stories of the past, present, and future, but one of our favorite thoughts is that someday, we may just have to coin ourselves as a nanobrewery, and to that we drink.

Don’t forget if your interested in joining the madness we call homebrewing, check out my getting started brewing my own beer article.

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