Southern Oregon Brewing – Pin Up Porter

Posted on January 11, 2011 by

So I’m a porter fan, can you tell?

With the onset of a porter brewing up in my fermenter, I decided it would be a good time to give a new porter a try as well. I haven’t brought a porter home in a while actually, just had them at the bars. Anyway, I used the Beer Mapping Project to find a different beer store in Portland. The way alcohol is dealt with here is much different than Fargo. The Fred Meyer, a Wal Mart like store, sells wine and beer. If you want booze, you have to go to a booze store. You can also just go to a wine store, so I figured, there has to be just a beer store. Low and behold, I found one. While there I found the Southern Oregon Brewing Pin-up Porter. Knowing I was brewing up a porter, I said, what the heck.

Overall, I liked the beer. You can hear more in the video, but it was surprisingly easy to drink. Very much sessionable. The porter characters that I really like, chocolate, caramel, vanilla, malt were there, but very, very minute compared to the roasted, smoky flavors that I got. This porter might be really good with like a BBQ sandwich or something.

I enjoy knowing that Southern Oregon Brewing is just another brew house I’m going to have to visit in the coming months. I’m wondering if I should just do a road trip and hit all the pubs outside of Portland in like a 4 week span. A thirty days, thirty pubs sort of thing? Hmm…That could be an excellent time…

Anyway, enjoy the video and I do recommend picking up a Southern Oregon Brewing, Pin Up Porter if you ever get a chance.

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  • WhyNotMinot

    Just got back from a Beer tour of Portland. Pin Up was one of 104 different beers we sampled, and I quite enjoyed it as well. We stayed downtown for a few days and walked to many tap rooms and taverns in the area while the rain came down. The rain did not deter us from having a great time in a great beer city.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome! I keep finding new places to go each week.

    You said you were on a beer tour? What does that mean? Did you just plan to come out and drink different beers? Did you have a guide? How did you plan your trip? I thought of doing a beer trip to, but then I just decided to move out here and live the trip :)

    I’m curious, let me know! Glad you enjoyed yourself!


  • The_rak

    The wife and I met up with friends from California just on information gathered from The Beer mapping Project. We stayed downtown at the Hotel 50 and walked to most of our destinations. Some were a little too far, like Widmer, Cascade Barrel House, Lucky Lab, etc. It was all done with the info from the internet, locals, and a downtown Portland map. No real schedule was used to keep it loose. There is a ton more craft beer available in Portland than North Dakota!

  • Anonymous

    There is for sure more beer in Portland than North Dakota. Its growing too. I have never seen a city embrace its beer scene like Portland does. It isn’t just a drink option, its away of life here. I served beers at a beer festival this weekend and the amount of people that showed up and the amount of die hard beer fans was incredible. In my opinion, winning people’s choice at a festival in Portland is a pretty big deal. So many people with so many taste buds and opinions.

    I’m glad you were able to come and enjoy it. If you come back this way, let me know. We’ll jump in my car and I’ll bring you across the river to hit up all those pubs, plus a ton more, that you missed. You only hit half of the beer scene on that side of the river. There are a lot of great, little, local pubs on the Eastern Side and I’d be more than happy to show them to ya!

    Thanks for the info. I’ve been debating on making a different website the encompasses Portland and its beer scene, but I haven’t decided what exactly to do yet.


  • WhyNotMinot

    Ahhh …… the other side of the river. We were a little bummed we couldn’t hit the east side a little more, but you can do only so much in a few days. Cascade Barrel House was the highlight of the few we did hit over there though. So far we have been to Ft. Collins, CO and Portland on our beer destinations, and Portland is the best hands down.
    I’ve been a home brewer for about 15 years and there is always a couple corny kegs in the fridge to keep us happy between beer excursions.
    My little brewing blog:

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