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Today we finally start off the Redhook Brew Reviews! We’ve got a few of them to do and I figured what better time than during the middle of July to drink a Redhook Rope Swing Summer Pilsner. This is actually the first pilsner that Redhook as ever produced and I believe it is brewed in a traditional Czech Style using 100% Czech Saaz hops. Rope Swing by Redhook isn’t a very complex beer, but it sure does go down easy and refresh on those hot, sunny summer days.

Review of Redhook Rope Swing

Review of Redhook Rope Swing


Redhook has always been a great marketing entity and one of the reasons this is true is because they are always consistent with their look. You can look from one bottle of Redhook to another and pretty much know that your looking at a Redhook beer. It is no different with the Rope Swing. None of their packaging is drop dead amazing, but it is consistently solid in color, shape, imagery and design. I think the Rope Swing name is clever with the little summer past time swing on the front of the bottle. However, there is no other information on the bottle other than the name and where it was brewed.


Bright straw colored with a nice, foamy white head. There is minimal lacing as it goes down the side of the glass.


Very discrete malt/hop mix. It isn’t over powering at all. I get just a hint of spice from the Saaz hops. It’s brewed to be easy going and the smell assures me that it succeeds in that category.


Very refreshing. The bitterness from the hops balances out a smooth, light malt flavor. I can definitely tell this is a pilsner as I can taste that distinct lager yeast in there. I get a touch of an earthy trait and that spice I smelt. It is not big on flavor, but has a very good quenching quality.


Very light with a bit of carbonation that dances on the tongue.


Easy. There isn’t much else to say. This beer could be dangerous at 5.3% ABV and it being able to go down that easy. If its cold, it is even more refreshing, but as it warms it still holds a good taste to a point where it just turns into a warm beer and you gotta pour it or shoot it.


If you want to try something a little lighter for the hot summer days at the BBQ’s and such, this is definitely a good option. I think its a solid, refreshing craft beer that has more flavor than your light lagers, but could definitely peak a light lager drinkers interest if presented correctly.

Let me know if you try it! I’d love to hear what you think of Redhook’s Rope Swing.

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