Rogue Public House Portland, OR

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Rogue Public House in Portland, OR

Rogue is probably one of the most famous craft brewers on the market today. They have a great marketing scheme that put them in front of a lot of patrons and a whole community of passionate drinkers that they interact with in a number of different ways. They are solid, consistent and tasty all around.

This does not change with brew pub at all. My wife and I spent a lunch with Rogue at the Rogue Public House in Portland, OR and the one thing that stood out to me, wasn’t the beer, it wasn’t the food, it wasn’t the atmosphere. It was the care and friendship that we felt the moment we go in the building.

Great, Friendly Staff

Our waiter was perfect. He came over with the “beer bible” which lists all of their beers, why they are called what they are, what ingredients and hops are in them and a lot of other information associated with their beers. This was an instant hit with me for obvious reasons, but it is another one of those marketing things. They take great pride in the beers they serve you, so much so that they give you all the information on it in a nice package and it simply inspires you to drink more and appreciate them for what they are. Along with the beer bible, our waiter also brought us 2 samples of one of their seasonals. Right off the bat. We didn’t ask, he just did it. This was very accommodating and got the whole experience off to a great start.

Visiting or did you move?” our waiter asks after he looks at our ID’s. “Just moved,” I said. He took the time to talk with us about Portland, asked us what we do for a living and even attempted to introduce us to his busy manager that was from North Dakota. (Next time…) Anyway, I don’t think he went out of his way to make us happy, that is just what they do there.

Food and Drink

Aside from they great customer service and the unique beer driven atmosphere the food was excellent. I had Fish n Chips that are made with beer batter from some of their fine ales. I’ve actually been on a search for the best Fish n Chips in town and so far, Rogue’s win. They have a nice dill tarter sauce and they were warm, smooth and crispy. With a little lemon and vinegar on top, these were some of the best so far. Other places they come out dripping in oil and have no real fish flavor to them. These were excellent.

Unconventionally, I paired it with their Double Chocolate Stout, which had a nice sweet chocolate taste up front and a smooth, semi-alcoholic bitter finish. It’s a sipper and I could probably only drink one, but it sure hit the spot with meal.

In the end, this is probably not going to be the last time you hear about Rogue’s Public House. I plan to go back for some firkin tappings and to meet the manager from North Dakota. But I wanted to mention to everyone that this is a must stop if you make it out to Portland, OR. Friendly staff, good beer and great food. Oh, and if you go before 2 pm, you get your beers for less than $3 and a couple of little “Happy Meal” like toys when you finish!

Here is a map for you. Its tricky to find because there isn’t a sign. Just look for picnic tables outside and you’ll know your there.
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  • Dbiewer

    If we ever get to Portland, this is where I want to go!

  • Anonymous

    LOL! Consider it done!

    And what is this “if” bull shit?


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