Review of Surly Furious

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Happy National Beer Day my friends! Whether or not you are reading this on April 7th or not we can always celebrate beer. What better way to celebrate it than with an inspirational story? Surly Brewing Company is a typical story, but is fresh and inspiring. The owner Omar started as a homebrewer, just like me, just like some of you, and eventually took his brewing to the next, next level and opened a brewery and distributes his brews. Surly is a small brewery in Brooklyn Center, MN which brews about 3000 barrels annually. Small yes, flavor…BIG!

Review of Surly Furious

Review of Surly Furious


Comes in a large, 1 pint can that is bright red! It reminds me an energy drink and with a name like Furious. I normally don’t pick up packaging like this, not because its a can, but the design doesn’t peak my interest all that much. But with friends recommending it left and right I had to. One thing I don’t like about cans is that the tops capture dust and dirt that you could put your lips on. Other than that, cans are just fine with me.

I also like this can because it describes the beer. Love descriptions!


A bronze and reddish hue, this beer is clear as heck. Not a speck of yeast, nor carbonation. The head on this beer is the winner though. It is big, it is thick, and it is lasting. The lace is awesome!


Smells hoppy and citrusy. Big time. That is all.


It tastes like hops, but it is more citrus hops than bitter. There is a citrus sweetness that is apparent to me. I thought I would get more caramel, like the can suggests, but it is very subtle compared to the citrus sweetness. This is a very classic American IPA though where the hop citrus comes out more than anything I taste. If you let it warm up a bit more it will start to take on more caramel, but not a lot.


Medium I’d say. Pretty run of the mill. Nothing to really point out.


Sold in 4-packs, this is probably just right. After drinking four pints of this you’ll be well on your way. I am afraid that if you go to anything lighter it will lack any flavor. I would suggest going to something of a different profile first. Basically go for something in the stout or porter family.


Great beer. It’s hoppy and sweet citrus. If you don’t like those, stay away. If your a hop head, give it a try and tell me what you think. I’m not sure I like the marketing message, but I feel targeting towards a younger generation, the Red Bulls and Rockstars, is a good idea as they will be the ones buying beer in the future. A recommendation by my friend Entrail and Marty, by brewing friend got me to try this one and I thank you two!

How about you?

Have you tried it? What do you think?

On a brewers side note, check out this video. Its pretty cool! Surly Fermenting

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  • jezmez68

    You could rinse the can before you pour it into the glass. I haven't had this beer, but a friend of mine has made 4 clones, and if any of those are close, this is a great beer.

  • mikebiewer

    Good point!

    I know that could be an option, but I just thought I'd point it out because I feel it is really the only draw back to using a can over a bottle. In most cases I pour beer into a glass, but if I go camping or something, beer in a can is always a nice option since most grounds don't allow glass.

    Are there any other draw backs to cans that you can think of?

    Thanks for the comments!

  • ..meh

    bottoms up? what a terrible injustice. never throw back a craft brew like that… enjoy it for god's sake.

  • mikebiewer

    LOL. Thanks for the comment.

    You've got a point. I was actually thinking about this last night after downing my latest review. I was thinking to myself, “I should let some of these warm up a little bit to see how the flavors change.”

    So you've got a point with your comment. However, I don't think its a terrible injustice. Its a test of drinkability! There are some I just can't down!

    Thanks again for the comment!


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