I Know Its A Goat This Time!

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I was given a bit of shit for my “Antelope or Gazelle” review of Big Sky’s IPA but this time I know its a goat. You know why? Cuz it says it! That’s right, this week I am doing another Big Sky Beer. Scape Goat Pale Ale. I don’t normally do a beer from the same brand, mainly because I’m trying to work with these breweries to get more information so I can write better articles. In turn, I appreciate them sending me beer for my hard works. The first of its kind will be coming soon, I promise! Anyway, someone mentioned on one of the forums I like to go to that Big Sky Brewery is a model brewery. They brew great beer, sponsor community events, support local homebrewers and continue to be a great example for a brewery nationally and locally. I feel a little bad that the packaging has prevented me from trying any of the beers. So, I decided this week, I’d do Scape Goat Pale Ale.

Review of Big Sky Scape Goat

Review of Scape Goat Pale Ale


I’m not going to say much here other than what I’ve said about their packaging before. It looks a little dated and I just can’t get over animals on the bottles. I just don’t like it. I do like that it mentions Pale Ale so I have at least a clue as to what is inside the bottle.


Clear as day with a nice light copper hue. The head on it is nice and foamy, but doesn’t stick around to long, however, it does lace nicely on the sides.


Hoppy! Duh right? For a pale ale the hop aroma is on the higher side, which I don’t mind. I can’t pick out the strain of hops used, still working on that skill! Regardless, it has a nice subtle fruity, flowery hop aroma with little malt character. I do get a little biscuit or bread smell mixed in with a little caramel. It isn’t strong and I could just be looking to hard for something like that.


It doesn’t have much on the front end of taste. This leads me to believe that the malts are hidden behind a big bitter after taste. Low and behold, that is the case. Initially it could be mistaken to be a bit watered down because there is no sweetness upfront and the carbonation is a little light. But the hop taste and bitterness blow through at the end and stick with you a bit, kind of like a light IPA.


Like I mentioned. Its a bit light on the carbonation which gives it a very smooth, silky like mouthfeel. The bitter acids zip on the tongue while this medium bodied beer splashes through my teeth.


I definitely think there is some drinkability there. I could probably make a night out of a beer like this. However, the bitter after taste does remind me of an IPA and I’ve yet to determine if that is something I want to make a night out of. If you like a bitter after taste, this is definitely a beer to try. Its smooth, bitter, dry and easy to drink.


A very good beer from what I understand to be a very good brewery. I love the local business supporting the community and I suppose is one reason why so many people always say, “Drink Local” right? I heard a statistic that a dollar spent locally will go through the community an average of 7 times before making it out. That is pretty sweet and a great reason to support your local brewers. Anyway, I’d for sure give this brew a try. Its tasty with a very subtle malt character that is a bit dominated by hop flavor, aroma and bitterness. I like it because its smooth and dry.

How bout you?

Have you tried it? Whad’ya think?

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  • Kathy Ghavimi

    What a great review. I could almost taste the brew from your description.

  • mikebiewer

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Have you had any of these brews I bring up?

    If you ever make it back this way, or I make down yours, I'd love to try some Northern Cali brews.

    Thanks again!


  • Completegeek

    I live in a small town in NE Louisiana and craft brew is amazingly hard to come by. Do you know of any services that will deliver beer? I'd like to get my hands on some of the beers you're reviewing but short of moving to where you live I don't see that happening.

  • mikebiewer

    I really don't know of any delivery services here in the states. It is actually illegal to ship beer across state lines. So, if you went to a different state, bought beer, and brought it across, it would actually be illegal. So there isn't a service that I know of that delivers.

    I had stumbled across something at one point on homebrewtalk forums about a place that delivers. However, I can't confirm it, nor have I tried it. Wine right now can be delivered to like 36 states, but I hear the government is working on making that illegal to. I'm not sure why. I think it has to do with the fact that local areas can't charge taxes over the internet so something that brings in as much revenue as alcohol, they won't allow it.

    I'll keep my eyes open for you though. I know at one point there was a “Beer of the Month” club that I was part of. You would get 12 news beers to try every month. Problem was, not every month we would get anything, nor would they be in good condition. The UPS man would break shit or leave it in the hot sun while we were away. Sometimes, it wouldn't even show up…

    So. Maybe someday, but for now you may have to plan a trip! I could take you out to some nice places, but Fargo really isn't the place to go for beer. Maybe once I'm out west you could come visit!

    Thanks for the comments man!


  • completegeek

    Thanks for the detailed reply! Oddly enough I was at my local Books A Million and spotted Beer Magazine. Quite good actually. Lots of good info and they actually have a section about home brewing. I saw an ad for http://www.labodegawine.com and I think they actually deliver beer. I haven't ordered anything as the prices seemed quite high.

    Oh well. I'll just have to brew every weekend I guess, darn it ;)

    It would be awesome to travel up to your area. The crazy thing is that once I finish school my wife an I are actually planning on taking a trip across the country in a camper. We may just have to stop up in your neck of the woods.


  • mikebiewer

    Nice find!

    Might have to do a little searching on the net to see if its legit. I actually think the prices aren't to bad. Some Stone, BrewDog and Lost Abbey's for $4 for a 22 oz bottle. That isn't to bad at all. They seem to have the typical “import” stuff and a few of the domestic stuff. I really wonder how they are supplied. Might have to make a phone call!

    I have always wanted to travel the whole US. We've been spending time outside of the country, but someday we will do something very similar. Sounds like a good time man!

    If you do make it up this way we can hit up a couple of places here that I think are pretty cool and have great beer.

    Let me know if you buy anything from that site. I'm going to dig around and see what I can find.

    Thanks for stopping by.


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