Review of Bells Two Hearted Ale

Posted on April 16, 2010 by

Episode 013

When thinking about what beer to review this week I headed over to the fridge to see what is cued up. I ended up seeing Bell’s Two Hearted Ale first and thought to myself, “Hmmm, I did an IPA last week, let’s see what this one tastes like.” I found a lot of similarities between this weeks review beer and last weeks. I’m starting to determine that, while I like American IPA’s, but I’m not a fan of what seems to be an apparent sweetness that is associated with this style. Find out more about Bell’s Brewery by checking out their site!

Review of Bells Two Hearted Ale

Review of Bell’s Two Hearted Ale


The dead looking fish on the front can somewhat turn me off from wanting to pick this beer up off the shelf. However, the colors are nice and classic with a nice looking design. The text is informative and attempts to be inspiring, but feels a bit to classic for me. Finding the ABV and that its an American IPA before picking it up helps me to decide that I’d like to try this beer.


A deep golden hue with lots of carbonation comes off this beer instantly. The head is fluffy like a cloud and laces the glass for pretty much the length of the drinking session.


It starts hoppy, but slowly becomes a sweeter as time passes. Upon smelling it a few times I can really start to smell a yeasty fruitiness in my nose.


The first drink attacks my tongue with an intense army of little acids that are digging out my taste buds and kicking them around my mouth. After that initial drink, things calm down and balance out a little more. However, I am surprised by the amount of sweetness that carries throughout this beer. I can’t pin point if its all malt of divided in half with the hops.


A medium bodied mouth feel. It definitely has some body and carbonation. It doesn’t stick to the inside of my mouth, teeth or ribs at all. Very smooth.


Some people think I shouldn’t “down” my beers and just enjoy them. I agree somewhat, but I feel being able to finish off a beer quickly is a good test of drinkability. That being said, I think this beer definitely can be finished off quickly if you need to leave or something, but I don’t think its a beer I would drink all night long. It just has a bit to much apparent sweetness for my preference.


I like the beer and think everyone should give it a try, especially people who like hops. It fits the style darn near perfectly and is enjoyable. I just personally don’t think I could drink a lot of them because of the sweetness in the American IPA style. So overall, its a great American IPA!

What is your take?

Have you tried Bell’s Two Hearted Ale? What did you think?

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  • jj_nash

    i enjoy most all bell's beers. the 2 hearted is one of my favorites. how can one not like a beer with fish on it? – i.e. schmitt.

  • mikebiewer

    LOL. I enjoy the Two Hearted Ale as well. I know Sara loves the stuff two. I just don't think I could drink it all night. It would be like drinking a whiskey coke all night. I think my teeth may hurt at the end of the evening. Its definitely a dinner beer or something I'd start a night off with or finish my night off with.

    Thanks for the comment dude!


  • benzurn

    Bell's is an all around quality brewery from Comstock, MI. Located just east of one of my favorite names Kalamazoo. I believe that's a Lake Trout on the bottle. Probably outta Lake Michigan. Nice review Mike!!

  • mikebiewer

    Thanks for stopping by Ben!

    Which other beers to you like from Bell's? Any I should put at the top of the list?

    I hear you've been through the Old Chicago tour like 4 times? That is fantastic!


  • benzurn

    The Oberon Ale is good, so is the Amber. We don't get two many out this way, but they have a lot of varieties. Check there site. As for Old Chicago, I'm working on my 4th, I'm addicted.

  • gilbertperalta

    “It's a very special day!…”

  • Andrew

    I completely agree with this review – as I've had this beer over time (discovered last summer) I've noticed the sweetness more and more. It's actually starting to seem overly sweet, which is becoming a turn-off.

  • mikebiewer

    Thanks Andrew!

    I was beginning to think it was just me, but it does seem to have an apparent sweetness that as I drink it, comes out more and more. I am not saying it is bad, its just not exactly what I look for in an IPA. My wife loves it and I'll put a couple down for sure.

    Thanks for stopping in. Have you found an IPA that you really like?


  • jezmez68

    I love this beer. A lot of people don't like Sweet IPAs. I do. I prefer a balance rather than a dry, brusque hoppiness. I think Snake Dog IPA by Flying Dog is not very sweet, although looking at the ratebeer reviews, some would say so. My favorite, though, is likely Boulevard's Single-Wide IPA. I try to get some of that every time I go to Missouri.

  • mikebiewer


    I'll have to add these two to my list. I'm so happy! I've gotten 3 suggestions of IPA's to review from you guys. I'll try to do these ones next. I really want to hammer on the IPA's and see what kinds of subtle differences there are between them all.

    Thanks again!


  • Semmert27

    I actually COULD drink this beer all night. I’m a big fan of IPA’s, though at times with some IPA’s, I often feel the need to take a break. Not so with Two Hearted. Slow or fast, drinking this brew is a breeze, a brisk, cool, comforting breeze. It’s crisp, clean, and alltogether a pleasure to the palette. Like most beers, it’s better on tap than in a bottle, but I’ve yet to have a bad one in any form. I’d reccomend this beer for anyone looking for a mid-level entry into the world of American IPA’s, or for anyone interested in drinking a really good beer of any kind.

  • Anonymous

    Yea. This is a really tasty brew. I actually like Northern Brewer’s clone of it. It is pretty solid.

    Ever brewed it?


  • CatawbaBreweryMatt

    definently put Hop Slam on your list, its becoming available now, its a local favorite

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