A Beer After Three Days

Posted on June 11, 2010 by

I came out of institutionalization today to a drizzly mid day. I have to be honest, it was exactly how I felt. Things have been depressing and quite frankly, crappy all around. But I was struck with a realization that pierced my brain and instantly cheered me up. I had been on a three day hiatous from drinking because of the medical study I was about to partake in. I’m no alcoholic, I just enjoy drinking. LOL. Anyway, I knew tonight I was going to get an opportunity to have a nice tasty brew again. I decided what better way to celebrate the 20th episode, than with a well deserved, tasty brew from Bell’s. So today, I review Bell’s Oberon.

Review of Bells Oberon

Review of Bell’s Oberon Ale


You can’t miss this one! Bright blue and orange. I spotted this puppy a mile away in its brand new display at the beer store. Oberon just became available in my area and I’m very happy to see it. For those that don’t know, in the graphic design world blue and orange is a trendy combination right now and this is a prime example. I’m from the Sublime generation and this design talks right to me. Beyond that, the design insinuates this beer to be a great summer drink. Which makes sense, its the summer seasonal.


Golden to deep straw colored. My head wasn’t all that great, but the lacing is nice. A bit cloudy if you can’t stop the pour in time before the yeast begin to come out.


I get a pinch of citrus, yeast, malt and wheat. I don’t get a lot of hops. It does seem to have a very balanced smell. A little bit of everything that makes up the beer.


Bell's OberonIt is pleasant. What I like most about this beer is it really feels like a hybrid of a pale ale, which I love and a wheat beer, such as a hefeweizen. I enjoy a good hefe but can never seem to make a night out of them. They get a little to fruity and spicy for me. The mixture here is really good, providing a nice citrus hop character and sweet malty character as it washes over my tongue, but making it a bit more complex with the hop bitterness and wheat and fruitiness from the yeast. I absolutely appreciate the up front sweetness with a bit of a dry finish.


Surprisingly crisp with a decent amount of carbonation. It hangs on the tongue a little bit as it absorbs into your tiny little taste buds.


For a summer ale, it’s spot on. I think the hop character of the Saaz hops that are used within this brew make it a complex combination of a wheat beer, pale ale with a touch of Pilsner character, all of which combine to make an enjoyable summer session brew. I could eat this with hot dogs or fish and it would compliment it perfectly.


You gotta try it if you have not. I don’t think its a conversion beer for macro peeps, but it could definitely surprise a macro drinker with its complexity and drinkablilty. Very good in my opinion.

How bout you?

What do you think? Good or no good? Have you made a session of it? Let me know!

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  • Scott Shrewsberry

    This beer looks very enticing. If I can find it, I will definitely pick it up. Looks like it would be right up my alley.


  • mikebiewer


    I think you might like it. I know I do. I'm actually thinking about trying to clone the recipe for my next brewing session. I just can't seem to figure out what yeast they are using. Let me know if you try it. I'd like to hear your thoughts on it as well!

    Thanks for the comment.


  • http://freshbeereveryfriday.blogspot.com Jez

    You should try the Wyeast 1010. It's a bit spritzy. Otherwise, use the Wyeast 1056 or Safale US-05. Some non-descript pale ale yeast. They apparently use their house yeast for this, so I would gather that you're going to have to settle for “close enough” unless you can culture a yeast from their bottles.

  • mikebiewer

    I have thought of harvesting the yeast to do it. We'll see though. I kind of want to find a way that doesn't require that so if anyone else on the internet stumbles across my site they can make it even if they don't have access to Bell's. I could give the 1010 a try. I'm not sure about the 1056, I think the 1272 is a more clean and crisp American Ale yeast, but we'll see. I did see the Safale US-05 in a recipe recommendation, but no one can confirm a good clone of this. At least, not that I have seen.

    I'll tell ya how it turns out when I get around to making it. Its an expensive kit to put together on its own. Almost $60…

    Anyway, thanks for the input.


  • B-

    This beer is one of my summer go to’s. I mix it up with Long Hammer when I want something a little different. I like the Oberon ale because I am not really a fan of Blue Moon, and the like, but this is different. It’s not fruity and I don’t feel like wuss ordering it like when I have to order a Blue Moon for my wife. Lol. IMO you cannot go wrong with Oberon Ale. Another homerun from Bells!

  • Anonymous

    LOL. It is a fantastic beer. Once the summer begins again, I’ll be on a search for some more beers that are like this. Deschutes Twilight is another brew that I like to session on in the summer time. Honestly, I haven’t found a lot of good session beers in my day. When I sit down somewhere, I end up ordering one of everything just because most of them are good for one, maybe two, but then the flavors get over done and I must move on.

    Do you have any session brews you like?


  • B-

    I hear you on the 1 or 2 then moving on. That’s what I like a Oberon; I seem to not have any issues downing the 6er! As far as other summer beers go I also like Sweaty Betty from Boulder Beer. It’s a nice American pale wheat ale that goes down smooth on a hot summer day. If you’ve never tried it you should seek it out.
    I used to strictly drink IPA’s or pale ales during the heat of the summer but as I’ve gotten older I’ve grown to appricate the wheat ales. Unfiltered wheat is also good but they sometimes fall under the 1 or 2 then moving on catagory.


  • Anonymous


    I will. We have a brew store here that has over 1200 different brews from around the country. I’ll put it on the list and see if I can’t find it!

    Thanks for the suggestion.

    I really like Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat in the summer times to. That is a solid session beer. Totally forgot about that…

    I don’t drink much for IPA’s. I’ve actually started to drink them a little more. My wife doesn’t drink much other than IPA’s right now. She loves the hops. Personally, I don’t get it. However, there is a local pub here that has a nice, mellow IPA that I enjoy. They don’t over hop the shit out of it though. Out in the west, a lot of pubs put WAY to many hops in their beer and I end up with heartburn after a beer or I just get a mouthful of a soapy like flavor…Its disgusting.

    You do any homebrewing?


  • B-

    The heartburn is a killer with hoppy brews, for sure. That, and a lot of IPAs don’t burn too clean- if you know what I mean! LoL.
    I used to brew beer with my friends back in high school when we couldn’t buy beer. The beer we brewed was anything short of good but it got us a buzz; which is what we were more looking for. I want to get back into brewing again though. I’m trying to save up and get all the supplys and equiptment I’ll need. I’m looking forward to coming up with some recipies.
    Where is your brew store located? Can I order from it online?

    I stumbled across this site when I was trying to show a co-worker the Oberon ale. I am currently working on a site that is similar to what you have here. Maybe once I have it up we can share links.


  • Anonymous


    To funny…when you were in high school. I’ve heard it before, but its always fun to hear.

    You can totally buy the stuff off the net. My local shop’s website sucks though. When I grab stuff off the net I usually use Northern Brewer. They seem to have a good selection and a good set of recipes. I’ve been meaning to spread out a little bit and hit up Williams Brewing or Midwest Supplies. I think all are decent options and I’m sure there are more. Let me know if you need any help getting back into it! I personally love doing it, just wish I had more space in my new digs here in Portland to do it. I was fermenting 4 to 5 beers at one time when I had the space…Now I have to drink up a batch before I have the room to store bottles correctly…


  • B-

    I will let you know if I have any questions about brewing. Thanks man!
    My wife and I just bought a house outside of D.C. so I’ll have more room for storage than what we have now. I’m stoked to start brewing again; it is fun!


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