Redhook Expedition 8-4-1

Posted on December 28, 2010 by

Please excuse the fact that I don’t have a picture of the beer. I drank it before I snapped a photo of it. Sue me! LOL

This weeks beer tasting is a brew that I got a while back when I was doing all the Redhook Brewery Highlight stuff. Redhook sent me this brew and I just was never able to get around to the tasting. I apologize for that, but I’m also glad I let it age for a little bit. When I had this brew back in May, it was a bit strong on the alcoholic side, but after a few months sitting around it seems to have mellowed out quite nicely.

I really enjoyed this beer. The story behind it is pretty fun. Eight brewers, working in 4 teams to create 1 beer was kind of a neat idea. I think the brewers probably enjoyed it to. So often big breweries stick to their recipes and hardly deviate from it, which I imagine would be a pretty boring job at that point. This project instilled some new creativity into Redhook and it turned out a nice tasting beer as well. I haven’t had a big beer in a while that wasn’t filled with hops, so this was a nice change. The chocolate, roasty, vanilla, cherry flavors that I get from the beer are a nice balance to the still evident alcoholic note that I receive from the beer. Watch the video for a more detailed description. I apologize for the tangents that I seemed to go on…

Happy Holidays!

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