Recipe Review – Northern Brewer Extra Pale Ale Extract Kit

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Homebrewing recipes and extract kits are a little more difficult to review than commercial beer mainly because there are a lot of factors that go into it. Whether the conditions, sanitation, freshness and so on are correct will really determine if a recipe is a success or a failure. I had a Schilling recipe that looked good, but the beer didn’t turn out as good as I thought it would. So I can’t review it until I at least try the recipe two or three times. So rest assured that any homebrewing recipes that I post on here and review will either be complete failures, successes or just plain ol’ interesting.

So that brings me to an extract Northern Brewer Pale Ale kit that I brewed up a couple months ago. I’ve done this recipe twice and the only difference between the first and second was that I reused the yeast from the first to the second. Pitched right on top of the old cake. Anyway, this brew passed BJCP judging with a 27, which is good, and I thought I’d share it with you as extra pale ales are some of my favorites.

You can read about my brew day here. Homebrewing Northern Brewer Extra Pale Ale 1040 -Reusing Yeast

Northern Brewer Extra Pale Ale 1040

Review of Northern Brewer Extra Pale Ale 1040

Northern Brewer Extra Pale Ale Homebrew Club ScoreAppearance

A deep golden color that is surprisingly spot on for an extract kit. It’s clear even though I didn’t use a secondary, so there is no yeast floating around in there. The head is a coarse, bubbly white, but doesn’t stick around very long.


A definite cascade aroma. Floral and citrus, but the malt breaks through and entices my tongue. And that is really what this simple beer is comprised of. Tons of malt.


A decent mixture of malt and bitterness that I think has balanced a little better with age.  It is heavier on the malt side, and I agree with the judges on that. It does taste pretty good though.


Even with some extra aging it still is low on carbonation which gives it a bit of a flat feel. At first my tongue tingles but its just the hop acids attacking my taste buds, not fizzle from the bubbles. It is very smooth and has a medium body to it that feels a little bit like a mouthful.


For me, it’s high. I love EPA and for me this one rivals and Summit EPA. If you’ve had the Summit EPA it is better balanced than this beer, but this brew definitely reminds me of it. It’s not over whelming one way or the other and I can definitely drink a few of these.


This kit and recipe are good. It wasn’t hard to brew and it turned out solid both times I made it. I didn’t see much difference between the first batch to the second batch reusing the yeast other than it saved me $7.  So if your looking for a good Extra Pale Ale Extract Kit, Northern Brewer’s 1040 is pretty good.

How bout you?

Have you brewed this one up? What were your results like?

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