Old Chicago World Beer Tour – Visit 2.1.10

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Been really busy lately and haven’t had any real good opportunities to get out and work on the Old Chicago World Beer Tour as of late. However, the beer blog is in full swing and my buddy Dan has his design site rocking and a new one in the works. So we decided to have a monthly blogging meeting and where better to go than Old Chicago.

Brew #32

Brew #33

#32 Widmer Drop Top Amber Ale

I bought a case of this when I was in Portland, OR this past summer. This was and is a session beer. When I say session I mean it is light enough and yummy enough to drink a load of them, and we did this past summer. Copper or bronze color depending on the light it really lacks a head on it, but does have sweet hoppy floral aroma to it. As I drank more of it, and not a shit ton like last time, I can taste some caramel sweetness that seems to be balanced by an earthiness that I can’t place…

#33 Budweiser American Ale

I figured I’d give Budweiser’s first attempt at riding the wave of the craft brew movement. It is a deep bronze color and has a little head on it. A good sign indeed. However, there really isn’t any aroma and the flavor does lake. It actually tastes like a light beer with a little more sweetness and hop bitterness. It is nice and crisp and could totally refresh me on a hot summer day. One thing I thought was odd to was some of the lacing stuck to the very top of the glass the whole time I drank the beer. Kind of nasty looking. I really think Budweiser should either rename their “craft brews” and step outside of their comfort zone and make something amazing, or just leave the trend alone and let other people do it.

It was a pretty low key night. Some good ideas were expressed and I love the Italian Nachos. I do think we came to a conclusion though. Dan is going to have to guest appear on my brew reviews, so look for that in the future! Until then, we’ll chat next time we hit up the Old Chicago World Beer Tour.

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  • http://goliki.com/ Troy

    I sort of think Budweiser knows exactly what they are doing. Put out sub par craft-style brews, so folks trying them for the first time who reach for “safe” brands (folks who drink nothing but macrobrews and are comforted by the words “bud”, “miller”, or “coors”) will think twice about trying something else.

  • mike

    That’s an interesting way to look at it. I guess I’m not 100% either way right now on the subject. Part of me thinks they are being conservative to try and create a new market, prevent a market share from leaving, or draw “craft drinkers” into their web. Main reason I’m unsure though is that what they are making isn’t terrible. It is totally a beer someone who likes budlight on a daily basis would drink to “switch it up.” I personally think its a mediocre beer that you could spend the same amount and get more elsewhere.

    What do you think?

  • http://dannisbet.com/ Dan

    I totally get Bud trying to do that. Heck, Miller does it too. The problem is, these people get a distorted view of what could be so much better. It’s sort of like using a “scare tactic” to keep people on their side, maybe. If they decide that these fake microbrews are so close to their beloved Miller or Bud Light, then why pay more and switch?

    It’s really a shame- if someone really wants to step outside their comfort zone, there are so many amazing beers (some even as cheap as light beer) that have so much more flavor and character.

  • mike

    Here here.

    I like the “scare tactic” idea. Why pay more for less, let’s just stick to less…sounds like something someone would think, that is for sure.

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