Old Chicago World Beer Tour – 12.02.09

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Went out to work on my Old Chicago World Beer Tour again tonight with my friend Dan. It is kind of turning into a weekly thing that I am welcoming more and more every week. Tonight was special though. I was going to hit a milestone, number 25! The clip on watch and compass prize! Whoopie. Luckily I’m not in this for the prizes.

porter-chocolate bright-yellow-hops bright-yellow

Brew #25

Brew #26

Brew #27

#25 Flying Dog Road Dog Scottish Porter – I had to pick a very special beer to be number 25 and since it was buy 2 get 1 free night I finally started to tap into the bottles. I went with a Flying Dog Road Dog Scottish Porter. This beer was awesome. It was dark, had a lil sweetness, good carbonation and overall yummy.

#26 Michelob Golden Light with hops added - My brew buddy Jay told me to try putting hops in a light beer. He mentioned it would surprise me how good it was. So we ordered up Michelob Golden Light and I put some extra hops I had with my hand me down kit into it. It just so happens that the Northern Brewer Hops were 3 years old, a little yellow, and skunky as fuck. We tried it anyway. It didn’t do a whole lot other than when the pellets were right under your nose, and even then it wasn’t that good. I’ll be trying it again when I get a fresh batch!

#27 – Carlsberg Lager – When I was on my honey moon we drank a bit of this and this beer was a big part of my life in the end of 2008. I forgot how hoppy and skunky this beer is, and tastes like a skunk farted in your mouth. Ah, the love is back! You can bet I’ll be grabbing this on some Friday night again!old-chicago-watch-compass

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  • http://goliki.com/ Troy

    Huh, instant dry-hopping a macro-lager. Thinking about it, you might want to try using a clean nylon hop bag and stir it in. Would work like a tea bag. You will lose a bit of carbonation, but it could be interesting (and less messy with the bag as a filter for the hop particles you don’t want, just allowing the oils).

  • mike

    LOL. Yea, I was just playing around and seeing what, if anything would happen. The hops were so old that they were kind of shitty smelling to begin with.

    One thing though, would the oils even come out if I didn’t boil it? I thought the oils break out at a specific temperature?

    Regardless, it didn’t help the flavor. Maybe if they were fresher…this summer I should have some fresh whole hops, maybe I could give it a try with that.

    Thanks for the comment!

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