Old Chicago Visit 11.24.09

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It has been a long week even though it was a short one. My friend Dan and I both had big projects come to an end at work and we decided to make plans to head out and work on our Old Chicago World Beer Tour later in the evening.

I pulled out my trusty beer tour card and checked the list. Upon my amazement, the last time I was at the Old Chicago the waitress screwed up and counted a Blue Moon Harvest Moon as a Bud Light Wheat. This made me so happy. I’ve tried the Bud Light Wheat and I really am not a fan. It is a little more sweet than I am use to in a wheat beer. To be honest, it tastes like apple juice or cider. I think it might be the apparent taste of coriander within the beer that I taste. Not sure. Regardless, I didn’t have to drink it.

Red-Ale Chocolate-Stout

Brew #23

Brew #24

#23 Blue Moon Full Moon Seasonal – It is a lot deeper in color compared to the regular signature orange Blue Moon that is normally served. Along with that it is a lot less sweet giving way to more hops than orange peel. Personally, I think the drinkability on it is low, I could maybe drink 2 pints, but that would be it.

#24 Smithwick’s Irish Ale – It was pretty good, though I’ve been on a “Stout” kick lately so this ale was getting closer to what I am really craving. It had a deep ruby color and a decent head on it. The flavor was a bit bitter, with a bit of a woody taste, not a lot, but I could taste it, but it finished a lot more smooth than I was expecting. I would definitely drink another, but probably not make a night out of it.

Overall, it was a good night working on the Old Chicago World Beer Tour. I took two more off my list and met up with a few friends. A perfect end to a day that saw the end of a couple of large projects at work. Plus, now I’m excited to hit the number 25 milestone on my beer tour.

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