In the Stalls – Please Don’t Eat the Urinal Cakes

Posted on January 22, 2010 by

Please Don’t Eat the Urinal Cakes

Pardon the blurriness of the picture, the camera I was using sucked.

The word “urinal cakes” is funny to begin with and this comedian takes it to the next level by playing off of the sweet treats we all know and love buy suggesting that since they are “cakes” they are edible. Very clever “urinal cakes” man, very clever.

The only other question that arose to me at that moment of relieving myself…what if someone is actually eating the cakes? I mean, would that be unheard of? I’ve seen some pretty messed up shit in my day and seeing someone drunk out of their gord take a bet from a friend pull a urinal cake out and eat it, doesn’t seem to far from a reality if you ask me.

So the real question, is this a warning or a clever play on words? Tell me what you think?

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  • mattyb

    I can think of about four guys who we know that might actually eat a urinal cake depending on the payoff. Three of them are brothers. I can think of one guy who might just do it for fun. I think the question that must be answered first is this: How much beer and/or liquor was in play before this classic phrase was etched into history? Discover that and you will have your answer.

  • mike

    LOL. Love the “prophecy” style you’ve got going on here. I know you think there are four, but going through my list of friends I could add a possible other 10 to 15. I mean, come on, have you met my friends?

  • gilbert

    when I was in the Navy, they made us wear goggles and gloves when replacing urinal cakes. Somehow someone managed to hurt himself and now they have to wear protective clothing…

  • mike

    Sounds like the government. If some idiot does something wrong everyone from there on has to pay for it. I wonder what it was like before 1950 when the media took over. I bet urinal cakes were the last thing on peoples minds during WWII…

  • MJ
  • mike


    That is pretty stupid. I couldn’t even watch the whole thing…

    Luckily I don’t make bets like that, cuz I’d totally lose.

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