In the Stalls – “Insert Baby Here”

Posted on November 29, 2009 by

It sometimes amazing me how completely entertaining the world around us can be. I’m not talking about concerts, merry go rounds, and television. I’m talking about people, just people and the things they do. One night a while back I was at a local shit hole bar. God I love shit hole bars. I always feel at home sitting next to a person with one tooth drinking an overly burnt whiskey drink. I mean, 3 of these and I’m rocking! Anyway, these places always seem to have some of the best local music scenes around so it just makes sense that I sniff them out and head their way.

So anyway, I was at this local shit hole and I finally had to go relieve myself during set break. I went into the two person bathroom, found a condom machine that had things written all over it. I love stuff written on the wall, it is way more fun to read than stupid advertisements. So I’m reading the drunken garble and I stumble upon this. “For refund, insert baby here.” Wow, I cracked up I nearly got my shoes wet. How clever…that my friends, is why I love life. The random laughs that people give us on a daily basis are just priceless.


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  • Matty B

    The refund had better be more than a lousy 75 cents! You can’t even go buy yourself another drink with that – not even in that shit hole bar.

  • mike


    Its true.

    Though, I think the idea is that you don’t have to spend the 100′s of 1000′s of dollars to raise a child…

    You can do a lot with that scrilla!

  • Brandon

    My guess is their lawyers printed a disclaimer on the wrapper.

    “Shit hole bar is not responsible for accidents. Nor do they take any responsiblility to claims of effectiveness herin. Shit hole bar takes no liability for for loss of revenue, time or costs incured when our product fails your miserable ass because you bought a 5 year old condom from a dirty bathroom bar so you could take home the girl you were running away from on the street yesterday when she asked you for change.”

  • mike


    Classic. My guess is that anyone that goes to that bar doesn’t give a shit about buying a condom, they would probably use a ziploc if need be. Classy place ya know!

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