Homebrewing – A Challenge of Passion

Posted on January 30, 2010 by

In the world of homebrewing and beer there are so many options, styles, malts, hops, spices, temperatures, techniques, equipment, and so on. The list is really endless. However, the biggest challenge that I have faced thus far as a homebrewer and blogger is the question of time. Has anyone ever told you “to find what you love and do it?” Find that passion and, like Gary V says, “Crush It!” Or “it’s not work if you love to do it?” But, what if you find that passion or passions but can’t seem to find the time to go after it 100%? How do you balance passions and obligations of things in life like loved ones, work, pets, shoveling the driveway, etc? This is my challenge of passion…Sun Behind Clouds

Mike’s Brew Review has only been up for 20 days and I have to tell you it has already been some of the most rewarding 20 days of my life. It is everyone that reads, comments, follows, brews with me, and instructs me on brewing that has totally swept me off my feet. The feeling of community with this group is immense and unfaltering. I feel that I have truly found a passion in beer and brewing that has my head spinning.  However, there is one thing that is sacrificed…time. See I have a personality that finds something and feels a need to go 100% at it. I’ve always had a rule, “Play Hard or Don’t Play at All!”

But…I think forward in my life, tomorrow, a month, 3 years, and at some point I want to own a home, make my brand stronger (maybe a brewery), and spend more time with loved ones, especially my lovely and supporting wife and quite possibly have a family with her. How am I going to do that if all I am doing in my spare time is brewing beer, drinking beer, and talking beer? It is ridiculously tough to manage time when there are obligations and passions involved, something has to give along the way and I am truly hoping to work towards getting rid of the obligations. I love my family, my pets, my wife, my brewing and this spectacular brewing and beer community. These things are not obligations to me, these are my passions. My obligations, working for someone else and not myself…I guess is really it, that stands between me and living a life of true passion.

So, moving forward Mike’s Brew Review will continue to be what it is so far…a place to talk about beer, funny drunken related things and the wonderful hobby of homebrewing. I will continue to dance the fine line between my passions and obligations as I try to free myself from the daily grind and not neglect any of my passions. Content will continue to stream through my site and become more entertaining, more educational, and hopefully down right hilarious. And possibly, with any luck, I’ll break the chain and eventually sit down with all of you in my brewery over a nice delicious cold one and we will laugh about this challenge I am trying to overcome.

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