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A year ago I finally decided to take the plunge into the fantastic hobby of homebrewing. I say plunge because that is exactly what it felt like. There was so much I hadn’t a clue about. Plus it was a decent amount of cash to invest, time and effort without knowing exactly what the results were going to be. I thought about how horrible would it would be if I had spent all this money, all this time and either A) ended up with a really bad tasting beer or B) I hated homebrewing all together.

First Time HomebrewerFor about 8 months prior to finally taking that plunge I spent a lot of time reading, trolling forums, looking at websites and pretty much tip toeing around the idea I was going to homebrew. That was until I met, now good friend of mine, Jay. This last summer, Jay found out that I was considering homebrewing. Knowing I was anxious about the idea and full of questions, Jay was nice enough to drink some beers and talk about homebrewing with me for a good 3 or 4 hours. He gladly answered all of my stupid questions and addressed each of my thoughts and concerns like a pro.

Long story short, the time Jay and I spent talking about homebrewing not only got me excited to go after it, but also assured me that I had all the necessary skill and where-with-all to accomplish good beer.

That is the primary reason for this new set of articles to come. Mike’s Brew Review goal is to provide a place for new homebrewers to feel comfortable asking questions and a place for prospective homebrewers to get the advice and confidence to brew that first beer. That being said, I would like to bring novice homebrewers together to share their stories, advice and encouragement for not only the first time homebrewers, but also to link novice homebrewers together to share information and success stories with.

I am officially putting the call out for novice homebrewers who are willing to share their stories with Mike’s Brew Review’s community and prospective homebrewers. I have compiled a series of 23 questions to have first time and novice homebrewers answer in an interview style. There is no pressure, answer what you want and leave the rest blank. Pictures, links, videos, etc can all be used. Just remember, the main purpose is to encourage someone to become a first time homebrewer or to help other novice homebrewers see there may be a better way to accomplish the same goal with your stories and advice.

Since starting to homebrew, I have found that the homebrewer is one of the kindest, selfless person I’ve been able to meet. They are willing to share their beer, their advice, their tools and their homes with me. I believe that is what this is all about. I am hoping with this series of articles we can take that idea to a new level by reaching out to each other through a digital medium to help everyone make better beer with confidence.

If this is something you would be interested in, please shoot me an email or hit me up on twitter with your email.

Thank you all for you consideration and I hope to hear some great stories!

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