Episode 002 – Finnegan’s Irish Amber Ale

Posted on January 21, 2010 by

Review of Finnegan’s Irish Amber Ale

Finnegan’s Amber Ale is one of my go to beers when I’m looking for something a little bit lighter on a hot summer day or when I’m just really damn thirsty. Subtle hop aroma and caramel flavors are laced with a potato sweetness. I guess to really taste the potatoes that this brew is made with you have to have tried a raw potato. Try it, its there. The beer is lighter, crispy and smooth to drink. The beer isn’t exploding with flavor or texture or anything, but it strikes me on another level of satisfaction. Finnegan’s is a for profit company that uses all of its profits to help their local communities. It is amazing that a company like this is run completely by volunteers except for the lady in charge, Jacquie Berglund. Check out her story, its pretty cool. Well enough with the lesson…let’s talk brews!


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  • http://www.homebrew.fiftycal.net/ danielOut

    Awesome episode; I really want to get my hands on that ale now. Perhaps we can make a beer trade?! Regardless, another great episode. I think I value the opinions of people new to the #homebrew or #craftbrew scene more than the long timers since I know their opinions aren’t as tainted or jaded. Keep the posts, and honest reviews, coming!

    Your internet brewbuddy,

  • mike

    Possibly. When I get my homebrews done we could exchange homebrews and a sixer of something else? What did you like most about the episode and what didn’t you like? Hoping to make these better!

  • http://13mikey.blogspot.com/ Mikey

    Nice work on the review! I’m part of the Finnegan’s Official Tailgating group for Vikings games. We had another great year raising money for Finnegan’s and enjoying some great beer and cheering the Vikes to the NFC Championship game.

    Looking forward to future reviews!


  • http://www.homebrew.fiftycal.net/ danielOut

    Tossing the potato was awesome; added a nice sense of humor and levity, and didn’t look like you were trying too hard to be funny. I think the real key to what makes your videos enjoyable is the tone; you don’t pretend to be a snob or make it in to something super-serious. The passion is evident.

    This backdrop was a lot better, too. I think the TV in the background on the other episode created some white balance issues for the camera, so this certainly helped a lot.

  • mike

    Hey thanks!

    Yea, there is a definite line between being a snob, or like the dude from “Lost in the Beer Aisles” says, “Beer Douchebaggery”. I don’t want to come off as a snob, I just want to drink good beer and show people that there are alternatives to what you are constantly marketed. The Millers, Buds, and Coors, are decent beers. I really don’t like the lights, they taste like piss, and I get why people drink them. However, I think there is a mold and a bit of brainwashing for lack of a better term out there that makes people drink those beers. Top of mind ya know? Anyway, thanks for your comments and support as I continue to try and find my stride with these videos. I want to be informative, entertaining, and inspiring.

    Thanks again!

  • rob

    whats the alcohol content?

  • mikebiewer

    That is a great question. There was nothing on the bottle that told me what it was and any information I find on the web is inconclusive. I've gotten any where from 4.2% to 6.5%.

    Personally, I'd go with the lower 4% one just based on taste and flavor. If it was 6.5% you would be able to taste it more in an amber like this. This one tastes a little closer to 4% in my book. Plus I've had a few in one night and it did not affect me the way I would expect something like a 6.5% to.

    Sorry I couldn't give you any hard facts. There just isn't any out there.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  • J1

    Go Bison!

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