Episode 001 – Breckenridge Vanilla Porter

Posted on November 15, 2009 by

Review of Breckenridge Vanilla Porter

I honestly feel that throughout my life, just like music, I’ve had a brew that I really enjoy during a specific time period. There were days when I listened to a lot of Phish and drank a lot of Lienie’s or how Fat Tire always takes me back to a great 5 day weekend in Montana snowboarding. That is why I started my reviews with Breckenridge Vanilla Porter. Right now, at this point in my life, this is the brew I really enjoy when I’m out at the bar, if its available.

So, enjoy the episode and let me know if you decide to pick up this special brew.


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    [...] Mike over at Mike’s Brew Review (just launched!) posted a review of the Vanilla Porter as well, so stop by and check out his new blog and see what he has to say [...]

  • http://www.homebrew.fiftycal.net/ danielOut

    Video games + beer = win. The MW2 backdrop is a nice touch. I just started homebrew over the most recent holidays, and I’m already on batch 5… I really need to slow down.
    Like I pointed out over at my blog, I think this is a great intro to porters for people that aren’t porter people. Perhaps call it a gateway porter? It is a really solid brew.

    Also, being a beer expert/connoisseur is not required for having an opinion! Be bold, and keep callin’ em like you see em!

  • mike

    Hey thanks man!

    Gary V told me to pursue my passion. Well, I love beer and I love video games…so…I’m trying to find a way to do them both and make it even more enjoyable for everyone.

    This is truly a great beer. I did read somewhere though that a Dubbel is a good starter for people who don’t “like” dark beers. I’ve yet to have one though. Maybe that will come up very soon in an episode.

    Thanks for the support! I appreciate it!

  • Eddie H

    Great stuff! Keep it coming brotha.

  • http://goliki.com/ Troy

    video games and brewing… if only… zelda would be my b****

  • mike

    I could totally go for a good session in the backroom with Zelda. One of my favorite games of all time. You play the newest one on Wii?

  • mike

    Your comment came to mind this morning when one of my friends posted this on Facebook.

    Zelda Chick

  • http://www.fermentedlychallenged.com Chipper Dave Butler

    Breck’s Vanilla Porter was one of my favorite original dark craft brews that I tried and I really enjoyed it. The vanilla really adds a nice touch to a quality beer. I enjoy this brew from a New Belgium globe glass. If you love the aroma of this brew you owe it to yourself to try it from a brandy like snifter or globe glass. It really enhances the smell and the taste.

    If you love this beer then you’d probably like imperial stouts. One such brew is Full Sail Black Gold Imperial Stout from Oregon. Not sure if it’s available in ND but if so seek it out. It’s barrel aged in bourbon oak barrels and has a wonderful vanilla tone.

    I’m a long time gamer myself. Nice to meet another gamer and beer fan. I like PC based MMO’s and RTS games. “Kill some 12 yr olds” – classic.

    Keep up the videos. It’s a fun way to expand on the blogging.

  • mike

    Awesome thanks!

    I’m actually working on a Porter that gets bourbon soaked oak chips added into it this weekend. I’m pretty excited to try that one!

    LOL. Glad you liked the comments. I’m big into the MMO’s, taking a break right now from them. I played FFXI for like 6 years…then WoW for like 6 months. So I’m back to the console and making beer. What titles have you played recently?

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