Another Redhook Beer in the Series-Redhook Copper Hook

Posted on July 30, 2010 by

As we continue down the line of Redhook beers we run into this surprise beer, Copper Hook. I say surprise because I really had no idea what to expect in this beer. I don’t know what a “copper ale” was other than an idea of the color. Based on that, I had not tried it up until today. I have to be honest, it surprised me. It was crisp, clean, light, tasty and had a perfect subtle balance of character. This is definitely going on my list of go to beers if I just don’t know what to get. Newcastle used to be that beer for me, now I think I’ll do a little Redhook Copper Hook for a while.

Review of Redhook Copper Hook

Review of Redhook Copper Hook


There isn’t much to say about Redhook’s marketing and product packaging. It is always solid and consistent and this one is no different. They don’t tell you much. It has a name, a little design, where it was brewed and how much alcohol content. I wish there was more, but there isn’t.


A burnt straw look with a bit of haze to it. A nice fuffy off white head that laces down the side as it goes.


A subtle balance of hops and malt. I get a little bit of spice and biscuit as well. The real highlight here is that not one thing over powers the other. I guess you could say it is very mediocre or very well balanced. The hop aroma that I get is definitely a little floral.


Redhook Copper Hook is very balanced. Nothing jumps out and nothing kicks me in the face. Its dry and crisp, which I personally really like. It kind of tastes like a very mild pale ale with a hint of spice/earth to it.


Medium bodied and smooth. Not much more to say about it than that.


In my opinion, its high. I could really see myself making a night out of this. I’ve never drank a beer that is so high in alcohol but so subtle in flavor. For as smooth as it is I would think I’d taste the alcohol, but I don’t get that at all. This is also a beer I may introduce to friends that are testing the craft beer waters. Its really easy to drink and not over powering, so in my book, that is the perfect combo for an all nighter and an introductory beer.

What do you think? Have you had Copper Hook by Redhook? I’d love to hear your opinion.

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  • Gilbertperalta

    you look like King Leonidas with the hair and beard. Great beer by the way!

  • Jez

    Did you get this at Wal Mart? I noticed that they carry Red Hook and Long Hammer in Wal Mart. I was wondering if they carried this as well. I might have to pick me up some Red Hook as I haven't drank any since around 1999.

  • Dan Nisbet

    I might actually have to give this one a shot. I have noticed myself that I am actually getting more into the malty-flavored beers, as opposed to hoppy ones. It seems though, that the hop-heads outnumber the malt-heads, so I find it a little difficult to really explore much. Your series has really put Red Hook on the map for me though- I'll be looking to more of their products as I work my way through my local beer shop shelves :)

  • Jeff Bonine

    Mike where have you been? We miss you in the beer/homebrew blog world.

    Jeff from 1227brewing

  • mikebiewer

    Thanks for the kind words.

    I have to be honest. I've been extremely busy since losing my job in June. I've been working my tail off to get some freelance work and all of a sudden it all came in. So now I've been working my tail off to get the work done…I just haven't had time to get to this and I hate it! But I've got to pay my bills you know?

    I'll be back soon!


  • Ilya Feynberg

    I lived in Seattle for two years and while I can get Redhook down here in Texas, I miss actually drinking it in that area and in Woodinville :)

    One of my favorite breweries in the area and one of my favorite ESB's by a long shot. Love these guys.


  • mikebiewer

    I hear ya.

    I'm actually moving out to Portland this fall. I'll be making a trip or two up to Woodinville to check out the facility and to drink up some of their special beers that you can only find on site.

    Its a great story to. I love it!

    Thanks for stopping by!


  • Beerzilla

    Indeed Copperhook is a great tasting beer. It’s very smooth and well balanced. Not over “hoppy” or too malty. Definitely a crowd pleaser for anyone who just wants a simple tasty beer. Highly recommended!

  • Anonymous

    Yea, its a good one. I haven’t had it in a while though. Living out in Portland now I am really enjoying trying all the new local beers still. Sometimes I grab some ESB or a Longhammer though. What do you think of the new brand/bottles?


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