5 Sites Every Beginning Homebrewer Must Visit

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5 Websites Every New Homebrewer Should Know About

Over the course of my short brewing career thus far I have found some sources on the internet that I’ve found to help me grow as a brewer. I thought I would compile a short list of 5 sites I visit on a regular basis that new or novice homebrewers may or may not know about. As always, I’d love to hear if there are any sites that you recommend for a new or novice brewer.

5 Sites Every Beginning Homebrewer Must Visit

Homebrew Talk Forum Boards

Homebrew Talk is a great place to get information when you get stuck. The site has a long standing history and a core group of experts and intermediate brewers that are willing to share their information. The site also has a great search feature and wiki page to help you find information on your own.

The only drawbacks is you may ask a question, and in classic homebrewer fashion, everyone has an opinion or a technique they use. So just make sure to not be overwhelmed with all of the information and don’t be afraid to take suggestions and tweak them to work with your process.

The Brewing Network

The Brewing Network has a series of podcasts that can take brewing understanding to the next level. The show “Brew Strong” breaks down each part of the process and each component of the brewing process into nice easy to listen to shows. If you like you can also listen to the “Sunday Session” and “Can You Brew It” shows to learn more or for pure entertainment purposes.

Beer Calculus

Beer Calculus is a free recipe building tool for homebrewers. I have found it useful to figure out original gravities and anticipated final gravities, color, IBU and ABV of recipe kits that don’t come with that information. I’ve used it to help put together a recipe and diagnose what kind of style it could fall into. This software is a great place to start to familiarize yourself with a homebrewing software, but just comes in handy to help with technical and style related questions along the way.

Zymurgy Free Downloads and AHA Website

Zymurgy is a magazine that comes with a membership to the American Homebrewers Association. I’ve received an issue and it is pretty well written and designed for the homebrewer. A lot of good information comes together within the covers of this magazine. Some things you’ll find would be techniques, recipes, equipment reviews, events both past and upcoming and much more. The best part is that you can download some of the issues for free to get a taste of what it has to offer. The downloads are great subject matter for the new and novice homebrewer while sparking enough interest into learning more. Plus the AHA website has a tool on it to help find a homebrew club to join, which I highly recommend any new brewer to become a part of.

John Palmer’s “How to Brew”

You read that right. John Palmer’s famous “How to Brew” which I just finished reading and you can read the review of John Palmer’s “How to Brew” on my site. If you’d like to get a copy for yourself feel free to click here, if your more money conscience and don’t mind sitting at your computer to read, this is perfect for you. The whole book is written, pictures and all on this website. A great resource for any level of brewer and a definite read and re-read.

HopfenTreader’s Blog “Travels By The Pint”

I know this is number 6 and really isn’t a “resource”, but I feel that it is, at least for me and maybe yourself. This hobby of ours lends itself to make people aspire to do more, be better and make better beer. HopfenTreader does just that. It is a real inspiration to watch his blog as he experiments and brews up batches on damn near a daily basis. His list of in the bottle, on draft, fermenting, and such is just crazy. His creativity is unmatched and I really enjoy reading his posts. As a new or novice brewer, I suggest giving the site a look or two. You may find yourself aspiring to make new recipes or just to work hard to keep sanitation in mind and solid brewing practices at the forefront of your brewing days.

Again, if anyone has any resources they feel are great for new and novice brewers, please feel free to email, twitter or post below!

Happy brewing!

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