10 Funny Beer Commericals

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If your like me, almost every time a beer commercial comes on you pay attention to it. Some are clever, some are inspirational, some give thanks, some wish you a Happy Holiday. But some are just down right dirty, raunchy and hilarious. I have compiled a list of 10 commercials that I think are the funniest that I’ve ever seen. I’m pretty young though, so there may be some from the 80′s with Bob Uecker that I’m missing, but I really think these are 10 funny beer commercials regardless of how you would rate them.

Take a gander and let me know what you think or if there are any commercials you would add to the list.

1. Guinness “Share One With A Friend”

When I came across this one I stopped dead in my tracks. So simple, sexy and damn funny.

2. Bud Light “Swear Jar”

I know every body is an A/B hater, but you have to admit they know how to market and make funny commercials. I’ve always admired A/B and their marketing and this is a perfect example. Only A/B could be this vulgar and have it be “clever funny.”

3. Heineken “Walk in Fridge”

This beer commercial I found funny because I found it to be a great parody. I can’t decide if it shows how ridiculous men are or how funny women can be.

4. Carlton Draught “Its a Big Ad”

This is just a down right clever beer commercial.

5. Big Rock Brewery

I don’t think this actually aired on TV as it was a contest finalist for Big Rock Brewery. Regardless, its produced well and is quite funny, so I added it.

6. Molson Canadian “What To Drink When Your Chasing Beaver”

Silly Canadians. Gotta love the ability to put something like this on the air.

7. Hieneken “Jennifer Aniston”

Never really liked her so this commercial related completely to me, except it wouldn’t have been Hieneken.

8. Bud Light “If Dogs Could Talk”

We all want to think that if our pets could talk they would sit down and have a great conversation with us. But in this funny beer commercial the truth comes out. I love the voice over for the dog.

9. Bud Light “Romantic Evening”

This one is just down right classic. I remember laughing my ass off to this one when I was a kid.

10. Bud Light “Mother Load”

This one comes in near the bottom because I can’t determine if its funny because he deserves it or if it is just funny like seeing someone get hit with a baseball bat in the balls is.

11. Miller Lite “Man Law Sharing is Caring”

I always thought the “Man Law” commercials were a good idea. There is always this “unwritten rule” that people speak of and I thought it was clever and at least half of the time their commercials were funny. Plus, you gotta give Burt Reynolds props.

So that is my list of 10 funny beer commercials. I’d be curious as to what yours are. Let me know, we could add them to this list or make a new one!

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  • http://twitter.com/Lost_in_beer Lost

    LOL I'd never seen the swear jar one before. Good stuff. Gonna tweet this.


  • Brads39

    Search on youtube for 'john smiths peter kay'. I think you'll find them amusing.

  • mikebiewer


    You are right. The one I liked the most was the monster in the wardrobe one. “There are no monsters in there, it's the buglars coming through the windows you should be worried about.”

    Classic. That is totally how I'd treat my kids. Funny stuff.

    Which is your favorite?



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